Byron Bay Farmers’ Market -Words and Pictures by Julia’s CAE class

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On the 7th May e walked down to the local farmers’ Market here in Byron Bay. For the most of us, it was the first time at the market. We talked to one of the local banana suppliers, who only has bananas available at the moment. Normally, he also sells pineapples and pumpkins, however this  depends on the season. He comes to the market every week. His products grow on a farm in Bangalow. They are not organic but spray-free. After a short talk with the friendly banana man we got a delicious banana to try. The Farmers’ Market definitely made a lasting impression and we are really looking forward to going there again.

Written by Lorena and Theo

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Healthy Nutrition at the Farmers’ Market

To the locals who sell food at the Farmers’ Market, it is very important to support the organic food production because it is natural and has no chemicals in it. Due to this, they rarely go out and try to buy healthy food, even if it’s more expensive.

An interesting point we heard was that their children really appreciate the healthy nutrition with which they grew up. They are very thankful for that.

Even if they try to be very strict with their healthy lifestyle, they admitted to having some cheat days and eating lollies.

Written by Nina and Tiffany

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Why are the products only 90% organic?

The stall holder told us that for a product to be organic it needs to grow and be cultivated just with water and sun. As they can’t always know the origin of the products they sell, the stall holders don’t guarantee that their products are 100% organic.

Written by Isabella and Samy

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Organic Coffee

Julian and José feel the need to drink coffee in the morning. So, they went to a coffee seller to taste the organic coffee at the farmers’ market. The service was not so friendly but the seller answered our questions. Julian asked about the preservatives of the coffee to check if the seller knew exactly what the characteristics of his product were and if he could give more information about it. Effectively, the coffee is produced in Byron Bay. In this regard, the vendor admitted that José’s hot chocolate was not organic.

In conclusion, we are happy about this experience as it permitted us to speak with the locals and enjoy a beautiful muffin.

By Julian and José

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