Big Graduation Today! Nine Students!

Today we had a large graduation with nine students! We are very sad to see these students leaving us.


Heejun – Upper Intermediate

Heejun – 8 weeks – Korea

His teacher said he was an amazing student and never got below 90%. He is now off to Brisbane and said he had a great time and thank you to his teachers for all the help.


Joelle – Upper Intermediate

Joelle – 4 weeks – Switzerland

Joelle’s teacher said she was a very funny student and she would miss having her in class. Joelle said that on the first day she hated Byron Bay and wanted to leave. But then realized that she loved it here and had a fantastic time!


Valentin – Intermediate

Valentin – 4 Weeks – France

His teacher said he was a great student and very intelligent and asked very good questions.


Gabriel – Intermediate

Gabriel – 12 weeks – Switzerland

Gabriel was with us for 3 months and was in our Intermediate class. He will now begin travelling and said thank you and “enjoy”.


Marie – Advanced

Marie – 4 weeks – Austria

Marie came to us with an already high level of English but was very shy at first. After a couple of weeks she really started speaking up more and showing off her great English skills. She said thank you to everyone and she wishes she was staying for longer.


Keiko – Pre-Intermediate

Keiko – 12 weeks – Japan

Keiko is a very dedicated student and worked extremely hard to improve her English in her time here. Very full of life and is looking to stay around Byron and get a job here. She said she had had a great time and to enjoy Byron Bay!


Hokuto – Pre-Intermediate

Hokuto – 4 weeks – Japan

Hokuto was a great student, who loves surfing, and got good marks .He will be staying in Byron to find work and surf.


Crystal and Douglas – Per-Intermediate

Douglas and Crystal – 12 weeks – Korea

These two came to Australia together and both worked very  hard to move up from Elementary  into the Pre-Intermediate class. Teacher Marie said that Douglas definitely speaks more but Crystal had very good grades. Both worked extremely hard throughout their 12 weeks here. They now head off to Sydney. They said thank you to their teachers and that they’d had a great time.

We will miss all of you!

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