Byron Bay Through the Eyes of a Student / Photographer


Here in Byron Bay you get the opportunity to see some beautiful sights. But very rarely do we get to see them through the eyes of our students, let alone a very talented photographer. Lexis Byron Bay’s very own Sylvain Maury has been studying with us for the past ten weeks. Not only has been hard at his studies with perfect attendance  but he has also been taking the past ten weeks to photograph Byron Bay.

Sylvain Photo 1I got to talk with Sylvain and ask him a few questions.

How long have you been doing photography?

I Began Wildlife Photography 8 Years Ago.

Sylvain Falcon

What is your favourite topic to shoot?

My favourite topic in photography is wildlife and especially the birds. I also shoot landscape photography.

Sylvain Photo 2 How do you like photographing Byron Bay?

Often I go to Cape Byron under the lighthouse to shoot landscape photography. I also like walking on the path of Arakwal Park.

How do you like Lexis Byron Bay?

Lexis is a good experience for me. Step by step I improve my English with my teacher.


Sylvain Photo 3What is your favourite shot taken here in Byron Bay?

I don’t really have one favourite shot here. The wildlife and the nature are amazing here. It is a pleasure for photography.

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