Meet the Staff – Teacher Paul Flanagan


Many of you will know Paul who has been teaching here since 2012. Paul has taught all levels and classes and is currently inspiring students on our Cambridge FCE Preparation Course. Below are some things you may or may not know about him:

  • He went to University in Indonesia (studying Islam, Linguistics and Indonesian)
  • He is a keen surfer and returns to Indonesia at least once a year
  • He used to be a chef and has worked in a number of restaurants in Byron Bay
  • In his twenties he was an amateur boxer and kick-boxer
  • His passion is pronunciation as anyone joining his class will know


Finally, here are some things that his students have said about him:

“Paul is a very patient teacher; funny, serious, reliable and organised.”

“He is the best and very helpful.”

“He’s a good teacher. He gives us more exercises – not only the book.”

“It’s funny in his class and learning English with him is easy.”

” He can explain the vocabulary and the grammar well and he checks that the pronunciation is correct.”

“I like Paul. He does a good job. He makes school funny and interesting with his jokes.”

“Paul is very funny and it’s a pleasure to learn with him.”

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