New Starters 27.4.15


Today we welcome 3 new starters!

Suzuka  comes to us from Japan and will be with us for 17 weeks! She is from Okinawa and liked how Byron Bay was like home and that was why she chose to come here. She was studying English at college and here so she can work as staff in an airport.

Alex is from Spain and will be with us for 12 weeks! He lived in Barcelona where he studied political science. He wants to improve his English because of how it is so globally known!

Pablo also comes to us from Spain and is here for 7 weeks. Pablo loves to surf and wanted to come here for the surfing and to improve his English skills to get a Masters. At home he is a Surf Instructor and wishes to further his career in that.

Welcome everyone and we hope you enjoy your time here in Byron Bay!


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