These are a few of my favourite things…

Today we say a very fond farewell to Yeonsin Lee.


Yeonsin (centre) with Student Services Coordinator, Grant and Accommodation Officer, Yvonne.

Yeonsin has been at Lexis since September last year, studying for 29 weeks in total. She has attended General English, Cambridge and IELTS classes and lived in both homestay and onsite accommodation. When she popped into my office to say goodbye I asked her to share some of her favourite things about her time here in Byron Bay.

My favourite things about…

…Byron Bay

“The weather, the beach and the relaxed atmosphere.”


…Lexis English School

“The teachers and staff who are all so warm, kind and friendly.”

…My English Courses

“The CAE course because although it was really difficult for me, my teacher and my classmates made me feel motivated and excited to come to class every day.”

photo 1

Yeonsin with her CAE classmates and teacher on graduation day

…Learning English

Now I can read books. I’ve recently read Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist and 11 Minutes and non fiction about Steve Jobs and the Dalai Lama. It’s wonderful!

…The School Activity Programme

“I loved the talking ones, like coffee lounge and cooking. I  also enjoy the weekly movie screenings.”

…My Accommodation

“Everything was good but, in particular, I loved my homestay in Suffolk Park because it’s such a lovely quiet place with beautiful beaches.”

And finally, what will you miss most about your time in Byron Bay?

“The people. All the people here. The teachers, staff, students, my homestay family – everyone!”


Yeonsin with friends outside the onsite accommodation

We’ll miss you too Yeonsin. Safe travels and come back and see us again soon.

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