Another Lexis Byron Bay Success Story


Yesterday, we received a lovely Facebook message from ex-student Leonardo Mozart Bicalho Da Cruz Araujo. He wrote:

I would like for thank my teachers in special (Sam ,Marie, Kathleen) and friends Lexis Schoool for my start in english. Today I’m very happy for undertand more english. Now I go back my country and I will back in August because can not stop. thank you very very very much

Leo studied at Lexis Byron Bay for 16 weeks, starting in October. When he arrived he could speak no English at all, although he understood a little. He joined our Elementary class and also had some private catch-up lessons to help him settle in.

Sams visitor

Leo with his Elementary classmates and teacher Sam

Leo was a model student. Even though his attendance wasn’t perfect, he always tried to speak English with everyone in the school and it was this social attitude that enabled him to leave the school with a B pass in Pre-Intermediate.


Leo enjoying a free beer with other students at Student Night

Everyone at Lexis wishes you a fantastic time back in Brazil Leo and we look forward to your return.

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