Mario Koch – English and Farmstay Student


Mario with his Pre-Intermediate teacher Kathleen

This week Lexis English Byron Bay will be very sad to say goodbye to Mario, a 22 year old Swiss German student, who has been at Lexis for the last six weeks.

But Mario, isn’t leaving Australia; he’s going on to a farmstay that Lexis organised for him. He will be working as a volunteer to provide animal care, housekeeping,  landscaping and cleaning for a rural farm hospitality business.

I met with Mario, this morning to ask him about his trip.

First of all, why did you decide to come to Australia?

Actually, I was going to go to Canada but my agent told me that there were too many Swiss students there and recommended Australia instead. I didn’t know which city to choose, just that I wanted to be by a beach, so I wrote different locations on bits of paper and chose Byron Bay at random. It was a good choice.

And why a farmstay?

I wanted to have the experience of living in the real world and mixing with native speakers as well as other international students. I’m really looking forward to it.


Hosanna Farmstay

How has your experience been so far?

Fantastic! I’m staying in a homestay in Suffolk Park, which is near a really great beach. I love to spend time there. I’ve also learnt so much at school. All my teachers and classes have been excellent. I really enjoy the way Kathleen, my Pre-Intermediate teacher teaches. She is very funny and makes you want to come to school.

My favourite lesson was when we went to the Farmers’ Market and then came back and wrote an article about it. We do a different writing each week and this is really useful because it means I can see where I make mistakes and which grammar I’m still not using.


Mario and his Pre-Intermediate Class at the Farmers’ Market

So are you happy you chose Byron Bay?

Totally. The beach is wonderful and it’s so great to feel free after coming here straight from the military in Switzerland. It’s really good to know that if I don’t want to get up and come to school I don’t have to. But I come anyway, because I choose to and I’m enjoying the process of learning.

Thanks Mario. We’ve really enjoyed having you here at Lexis English and wish you all the best for the future.

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