Graduation 10.4.15

IMG_6477Nina – Switzerland – 10 weeks – Upper Intermediate

Nina was a great student and is now going off travelling for a while. She said thanks to her teachers and friends!

Anna – Italy – 2 weeks – Upper Intermediate

Anna was only with us for a short 2 weeks and really enjoyed her time her in Byron as short as it was. She is staying in the area for a while.

IMG_6480Michael – Switzerland – 8 weeks – Upper Intermediate

Michael said thank you to all his teachers and friends and will be travelling Australia for a month before heading home. He also said he will miss it here in Byron Bay.

IMG_6482Shiho – Japan – 7 weeks – Pre Intermediate

Shiho’s teacher said she was fun to have in class because she always had stories about her adventures and was very competitive. Shiho said she really likes Byron Bay, Kathleen (her teacher), and chocolate. Thank you everyone and Enjoy!

IMG_6485Flavia – Switzerland – 4 weeks – Pre Intermediate

Flavia graduated today with very good marks and is now heading to Africa to do a Cambridge course over there. She said thank you to every one and that she had a lovely time.

IMG_6475Sarah – Switzerland – 2 weeks – Intermediate

Sarah said even though she was here such a short time she still had a lot of fun. She also said thank you to her teachers and her new friends!

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