New Starters! After the Easter Holiday

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This week we have 6 new starters joining us after the Easter Holiday!

This group did exceptionally well on their placement tests and all speak English really well but are now ready to step up and get even better.

Hokuto comes to us from Japan where he is studying Business at university. He wants to improve his English because it is so important for getting a job in Japan. He came here to Australia for surfing and the culture.

Joelle is from the German part of Switzerland and is hoping to improve her English to help her studies to become a nurse.

Jerome comes from the German part of Switzerland as well and, in a strange coincidence, is currently working as a nurse.

Tanja is from the Netherlands and is actually training to be an English teacher in her country. She joined us here at Lexis to help prepare herself for sitting the the Cambridge CPE when she returns to her country.

Valentin is from Belgium and is a bartender at home and is currently studying as well. He is really excited to be here to improve his English for his travels.

Marie has come to us from Germany where she is studying International Business and wants to improve her English to help pursue a career in that field.

Welcome to Lexis Byron Bay! We hope you all have an amazing time here.

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