Sadly we say goodbye to seven students this week. Good luck on all your Travels and Adventures!

photoMichela – Italy – 12 Weeks – IELTS

Michela started in Intermediate, then to Upper Intermediate, then went into IELTS. Her teacher said she is such a hard worker and a great student and asks lots of questions. Michela said thank you to all the different teachers that she has had and that she really enjoyed her three months here in Byron Bay!

Francesca – Italy – 12 Weeks – IELTS

Francesca wasn’t with us for graduation but spent a lot of her time in our IELTS class. She is a very avid surfing and is staying in Byron Bay a little longer to enjoy the town some more.

photo 5Giovanni – Switzerland – 12 Weeks – Upper Intermediate

His teachers say that he is a great student and has excellent grammar and excellent speaking skills. He said Thank you to his teachers Sammy Josie and Kathleen, and said he didn’t expect to learn so much in his time here and also that he didnt expect his 12 weeks to go by o fast. Giovanni s heading home to start working again.

photo 4Veronica – Italy – 12 Weeks – Upper Intermediate

Veronica’s teacher said she was wonderful to have in class and was a great student. She said thank you to all her teachers and to everyone who helped her. Also she said for her fellow classmates to enjoy Byron Bay.

photo 1Cody – Taiwan – 9 Weeks – Elementary

Cody knew almost no words in English when he started and worked very hard with his teachers over his nine weeks and he now holds conversations and is known to even make jokes in class as well. Cody aid when he started he basically only knew 1-10 and my teachers helped me learn my English and get better. Cody is going to work as a massage therapist a little longer and then travel Australia some before heading home to Taiwan.

photo 2Melanie – Switzerland – 8 Weeks – Pre Intermediate

Her teacher said her first week she was very scared and shy but she worked very hard to improve and graduated with excellent scores. Melanie said thank you to her teacher Kathleen and that she had a great time in Byron and met a lot of friends. Melanie is now going to go travel all around Australia.

photo 3Isabel – Switzerland – 8 Weeks – Pre Intermediate

Isabel was told by her teacher she was a very lovely student and was always asking questions. She would also come up after every class and thank her teacher for the lesson that day. Isabel said thank you to all of her teachers and was said to be finished her at Lexis.

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