Graduation 27.3.15

Today at graduation we say goodbye to 5 students!

photo 3Yannick – Switzerland – 12 Weeks

Yannick’s teacher said he started with basically no English at all but worked so hard and and studied so constantly that he ended his time here at the top of the Elementary class. He said thank you so much to his teachers. He is now going to travel for a month in Australia and then go to California.

photo 5Miryu – Japan – 12 Weeks

Miryu was a lovely student, always late, but a go-for-it personality and very enthusiastic. He said thank you for improving, not only his speaking, but his reading and writing as well. He will be heading to Noosa for 2 months to work in a restaurant.

photo 4Daichi – Japan – 7 Weeks

His teacher said he is a lovely and funny man who worked very hard to move up from his Elementary class into Pre-intermediate. Daichi said “thank you, my English has improved and I would like to continue to study English in Japan.”

photo 2Maurizio – Italy – 4 Weeks

Maurizio found it really difficult to understand and speak any English when he first arrived. Now, after four weeks with us, he has the ability to hold conversations. He thanked everyone here at Byron Lexis and his fellow students.

photo 1Audrey – Belgium – 1 Week

Audrey was here for only one week but is a very impressive student. She learned all of her English here in Australia while travelling and was put into our upper-intermediate class.

Congratulations Everyone!

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