New Graduates this week!

Today we say good bye to 7 students. Many were with us only a few weeks and two of them were here a few months.

photo 2Marion – Switzerland – 16 Weeks

In the 4 months Marion was here she moved for Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate and then into IELTS. Her teacher said she improved and learned a lot in those months. She said she had an amazing time and told the students to enjoy their time left here. She also said she knows she improved because she can now understand me (Grant) when I talk, unlike when she was first starting. She will now head off to travel New Zealand.

111Sarah – Switzerland – 11 Weeks

Sarah progressed through Elementary and moved up to Pre-Intermediate in her time here. She often was found in GIL and asking for extra work. Her teacher said she has a lovely nature and a good sense of humor.Sarah said thank you to all and to enjoy Byron. She is now heading home to start work again.

11Karsten – Germany – 4 Weeks

Karsten’s teachers say he has an excellent level of English and that they will miss him. Karsten said thank you to the staff and his teachers. He had a little advice for his classmates as well. “Take a breath of Byron and take it with you to your home countries, and always remember that breath.”

1111Kana – Japan – 3 Weeks

Kana’s teacher said that when she first arrived the only answer she would give to any question was “Yes.” To even questions that weren’t a yes or no question. But now she has improved so much she knows how to answer all of her teachers questions correctly and understand them. Kana said she had a great time here and definitely wont forget it.

2Fabiana – Portugal – 3 Weeks

Her teacher said she was lovely to have in class and that she wishes her all the best. Fabiana said “I met a lot of nice people here and it was amazing, thank you everyone.”

photo 5Yujiro – Japan – 2 Weeks

His teacher said he improved so much in such a short time. He would go to extra classes and get more help and is now is going home to be a masseuse again.

photo 3Blaise – Switzerland – 2 Weeks

His teacher said that even though he was only here for two weeks he still improved quite a bit in a short time. Blaise said thank you for your smiles and Byron is better than Noosa 🙂 😉

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