Brazilian Cooking!

Today’s activity was Brazilian cooking, and thanks to a few of our Brazilian students we were able to do a Brazilian BBQ with Chicken Hearts and vinaigrette. The student lounge had some Brazilian music blaring and the BBQ was firing. Students were in the kitchen cutting tomatoes and onions. Many students stood around the BBQ drooling waiting for the meat to be finished.

photo 2photo 1

Vitor manned the grill and seasoned the steaks with rock salt. Isabella seasoned the chicken hearts with lemon juice, rock salt, and olive oil. photo 4photo 3

Andrea, Miguel, and Yujiro cut the tomatoes and onions and mixed them with the olive oil and vinegar to make the vinaigrette.

Everyone had a lot of fun enjoying good food and music and learning a bit about some of their classmates culture!

photo 2  photo 4 photo 5 photo 1  photo 3  photo 1 photo 2 photo 5photo 3 photo 4

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