New Starters 9.3.15

photo 2 Today we welcome our all male incoming group to Lexis Byron Bay! These guys come from Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, and Korea.

Yujiro is from Japan is with us for 2 weeks and is very excited about improving his English skills!

Mario from Switzerland is here for 6 weeks and does interior design and designs rugs and chairs.

Blaise is from Switzerland and here for 2 weeks. At home he is a Structural Engineer and needs English to get a job outside of Switzerland because there isn’t enough skyline buildings there.

Stanley from Belgium is here for 4 weeks. He was working at home at his families restaurant and decided to come improve his third spoken language.

Quentin is also from Belgium and here for 4 weeks. He was doing factory work and came to Australia for the weather and culture.

Heejun is from Korea and will be studying with us for almost 2 months. He wants to improve his English because he is studying Business in Korea and he feels it will help him in the future to do business internationally.

Give a BIG welcome to our new students for this week!photo 3

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