Graduation 6.3.15

Today’s Graduation was a big one! We had 13 students leaving us!

10 of our students made it to graduation. Valentina, Francisca, and Yann had left school already. Valentina and Francisca were with us for 4 weeks and are from Chile. Yann was with us for one week studying an intensive IELTS course.

photo 1Brisa – Brazil:

Leaving after 12 weeks from the Upper Intermediate class, Brisa will be going to University on Monday. She said she had an amazing time here and Thanked all of her teachers.

photo 2

Laura – Switzerland

Laura has been here for 4 weeks and her teacher said she’s been a lovely student. She will be staying in Byron a bit longer and hopes to see everyone again.

photo 3Daniel – Switzerland

Daniel was with us for 4 weeks and improved quite a bit in his reading writing and speaking. He has a great personality and is very good at ping pong. He hopes to come back and study again next year!

photo 4Tom – Taiwan

Tom was here for three weeks and was a great student.He is now heading back to Taiwan to get married! He said thank you to everyone!

photo 5Ivan – Chile

Ivan was here for 9 weeks and his teacher said he was a very fun student! He said thank you and enjoy to all his teachers and classmates.

photo 11Damien – Switzerland

Damien’s teacher said he was delightful to have in class and she is going to miss him in class. He was here in Byron for 17 weeks and has improved greatly! He said thank you to all his teachers and classmates!

photo 21Lukas – Switzerland

Lukas is quite the character and comedian. His teacher said he was sharp with his wit and his English. Lukas said he enjoyed Byron, Beer, and Cigarettes in his time here and was very happy at Lexis. He also mentioned to all the students that they should visit him in Switzerland. He will be travelling for a few weeks before heading home and entering the Army.

photo 31Louis – Switzerland

Louis was here with us for quite a while and his teachers said he was a fantastic and lovely student. He is off to start travelling now. He said he had an amazing time thank you!

photo 41Sarah – Switzerland

Her teacher said she was a great student with a sweet sweet personality. She was with us for 4 works and had a great time!

photo 51Victor – Spain

Victor has been studying in the CAE class for 9 weeks now. He was a bit of a partier at first his teacher said but as we get closer to the exam he became a wonderful student and worked very hard including extra writing and reading after class. Victor said he loved his class and at first didnt think his class could be so funny cause they were all from Switzerland. But they proved him very wrong.

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