New Students! 30.3.15

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This week we have 10 new starters:

  • Lan and Zoey from Taiwan, are here to study English and work.
  • Satoru from Japan is excited about all the warm weather here in Australia.
  • Isaac from Spain is here to improve his English to help his job in Sports Management.
  • Samy and Jose from Switzerland have just finished their Business Administration degrees and want to improve their English to increase job opportunities
  • Sandro also from Switzerland, is joining our Surf-in-Action programme and is a Psychology student back home
  • Mike is from Korea and is going to be with us for 40 weeks and also studied Business.
  • Sarah is here from Switzerland and excited to be in nice weather with beautiful views.
  • We also welcome  Issac and Tiffany into our CAE class and Anna (not pictured) into IELTS.

Welcome Everyone!

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Student Night at Aquarius

photo 4 Last Friday we had our student night with a pretty big turn out. We had about half of our students show up and hang out. All the students enjoyed a few drinks and some live music. There was even a free BBQ! Everyone had fun playing ping pong, Xbox, and just hanging outwith each other. It was a really awesome time!photo 1 photo 2photo 6  photo 5  photo 3

Which juice is tastier?

20150326_100351On Thursday morning Kathleen’s Pre-Intermediate class headed to the Farmer’s Market to practise their comparatives and superlatives.

Before they set off they reviewed different adjectives to describe food and drink e.g. healthy, bland, and also their comparative and superlative forms e.g. blander and blandest.


Then, at the market, the had to find three types of food they could taste and describe them, as well as completing a worksheet.


And that’s not all. When they returned to school they also completed a writing activity based on the excursion.

What a great lesson!

April Activities Calendar!!!

This month we have a huge variety of activities going on! We have the classics: Movie Screenings, Yoga, Coffee Lounge, and Job Club. We also see the return of Daniella for Salsa, and Flavio for Skating! For this month’s new activities, we have Japanese cooking and the return of the Poker tournament!

It’s also Easter, so no school on the Friday before and Monday after Easter.

Here’s your activity calendar for the month  of APRIL!April

Graduation 27.3.15

Today at graduation we say goodbye to 5 students!

photo 3Yannick – Switzerland – 12 Weeks

Yannick’s teacher said he started with basically no English at all but worked so hard and and studied so constantly that he ended his time here at the top of the Elementary class. He said thank you so much to his teachers. He is now going to travel for a month in Australia and then go to California.

photo 5Miryu – Japan – 12 Weeks

Miryu was a lovely student, always late, but a go-for-it personality and very enthusiastic. He said thank you for improving, not only his speaking, but his reading and writing as well. He will be heading to Noosa for 2 months to work in a restaurant.

photo 4Daichi – Japan – 7 Weeks

His teacher said he is a lovely and funny man who worked very hard to move up from his Elementary class into Pre-intermediate. Daichi said “thank you, my English has improved and I would like to continue to study English in Japan.”

photo 2Maurizio – Italy – 4 Weeks

Maurizio found it really difficult to understand and speak any English when he first arrived. Now, after four weeks with us, he has the ability to hold conversations. He thanked everyone here at Byron Lexis and his fellow students.

photo 1Audrey – Belgium – 1 Week

Audrey was here for only one week but is a very impressive student. She learned all of her English here in Australia while travelling and was put into our upper-intermediate class.

Congratulations Everyone!

Weekend Madness!!!!!

Welcome to another weekend! Here’s what is happening over the next three days!image

Weather for the weekend! Looks like Friday is mostly sunny at 26 degrees and 18 at night. Saturday is Partly Cloudy at 26 degree and 18 at night and there are showers on Sunday at 26 degrees and 18 at night!

Going for a Movie?

Palace Cinemas


THU 1.50pm, 4.15pm, 9.40pm FRI-SUN 1.20pm, 4.00pm, 9.30pm MON-WED 1.40pm, 4.00pm, 9.10pm


THU 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 7.00pm FRI-SUN 12.40pm, 4.50pm, 6.45pm MON-WED 12.10pm, 4.20pm, 7.00pm

  • download (1)CINDERELLA(G)

THU 10.00am, 4.15pm, 6.40pm, 9.10pm FRI-SUN 9.40am, 1.50pm, 6.30pm, 9.00pm MON-WED 9.40am, 1.50pm, 6.30pm, 9.15pm

  • HOME(PG)

THU 9.50am, 11.50am, 2.15pm FRI-SUN 9.15am, 11.50am, 2.50pm MON-WED 10.00am, 11.50am, 2.20pm


THU 4.10pm, 9.00pm FRI-SUN 3.50pm, 8.40pm MON-WED 4.10pm, 8.40pm


THU 10.10am, 12.10pm FRI-SUN 9.00am, 10.50am MON-WED 9.50am, 11.45am


FRI-SUN 7.00pm MON-WED 6.40pm


FRI-SUN 11.15am

Gig Guide

pinkzincFriday 27th March:
The Northern – Luke Morris Band, Kyle Lionhart, Taya Mills
The Rails – (7pm) Pink Zinc
The Beach Hotel – (5pm) Leigh James (9pm) Mt. Speaker

Woody’s – (8pm) Club Raiders DJ’s Feat. Not Mani & Horowitz
The Brewery – (7:30pm) Timo Pankau
Ginger Pig – (9pm) DJ Pob

stickyfingersSaturday 28th March:
The Northern –  Sticky Fingers & Boo Seeka

The Rails – (7pm) Rob Johnson

The Beach Hotel – (9pm) DJ Discrow
Woody’s – (8pm) DJ Sanchez
The Brewery – (7:30pm) Feleepo Fransisco (8pm) Ashley Lopez + The Underscore Orkestra
Ginger Pig – (8pm) DJ Bango

ArmitageSunday 29th March:
The Northern – Matt Armitage

The Rails – (6:30pm) Jack O’Leary
The Beach Hotel – (4:30pm) Epic (8pm) Elementals
The Brewery – (12pm) Brewery DJ’s


Byron Artisan Market – Saturday – Railway Park Evening 5pm – 9pm

That’s some of the awesome things to do this weekend so go out and have fun and enjoy!