Saying Goodbye to 13 students today!

We are so proud to send these students on their way to either travel, head home, or go back to work with a greater understanding of the English Language than before they arrived. Sad to see these students leave but happy that we got to spend the time we did with them. Graduation was a long one today.

photo 31Anais- Switzerland

Anais was with us for 8 weeks and ended her courses in the IELTS class. Her teacher said she is amazing, clever, funny, and a pleasure to teach. She will now start travelling in Australia before heading to London.

photo 2Priscila- Brazil

Priscila was with us for 6 months and worked all the way up from Elementary to Upper Intermediate. Her teachers said she was an excellent student and a pleasure to have in class. Priscila said she did not want to give a speech so that she wouldn’t cry. But she also said thank you for the amazing experience and that she didn’t want to go.

photo 3Graziella- France

Graziella was with us for 13 weeks and ended in the Intermediate class. She had great attendance, always did her homework and asked excellent questions. She is off to start travelling for 3 months and will then return to see us here in Byron.

photo 1Manuel- Switzerland

Manuel was with us for 4 weeks in the Upper-Intermediate class. His teacher said he was a pleasure to have in class, was very charming, and polite. He is heading off to start travelling. Manuel thanked his teachers and everyone and said to stay happy.

Marianne- Switzerland

Marrianne has been with us for 6 weeks and is from the Pre-Intermediate class. She was always on time, did her home work, did extra studies, and even never missed a class. Her teacher also said she has a beautiful sense of humor. She will now leave us to travel Australia for 5 weeks.

Vanessa- China

Vanessa has been with us for only one short week and studied in the IELTS class. She said it was nice to be a student again and hopes to find time to come back and that it was nice to meet everyone.

Joan- Spain

Joan was with us for 3 weeks in the IELTS class. His teacher said he is really sweet and a little shy. Joan claims that he is not shy when speaking in Spanish though. He said he forgot to prepare something to say but said thank you to everyone for helping him better his English

photo 4Benedict- Switzerland

Benedict was with us for 8 weeks and was in our Intermediate class. His teacher said he was a great student except the few days after a Cheeky Monkey’s night! He said he had a great time here and thank you everyone.

photo 11Manuela- Switzerland

Manuela was with us for 8 weeks in our Upper-Intermediate class. Her teacher said she was an amazing student with a high level of English. She said she had an amazing time her and amazing friends and said thank you to every one for improving her English.

photo 21Silvia- Italy

Silvia was with us for 6 weeks and studied in our IELTS class. Her teacher said she is a very clever student and great to have in class. Silvia said thank you to her teachers and said she is heading to Brisbane but will make sure to visit!

photo 5Nathalie- Switzerland

Nathalie was here for 4 weeks and was in our advanced class and was a surfing in action student! Her teacher said she was very pleasant and a good student and the class will miss her. She said thank you to her teacher Julia and her class mates and said everyone should try surfing.

Noam- Switzerland

Noam was here for 8 weeks and studied in the IELTS class. He was not present during graduation.

Marvin- Switzerland

Marvin was a returning student to us but returned for only one week. He did private studies with Paul and really worked hard over the week.

Phew. We will miss all of you next week. Please visit our Facebook page every now and then and stay in touch.

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