Meet The Staff! – JOE!

10731070_10152903792407292_8481741769999034421_nThree times a week you can see him in the Student Lounge at his Travel Desk waiting patiently to help our students out with all of their travel needs! With lots of enthusiasm and care he will set you up with the trip of a lifetime and get you the best deal possible. Meet Joe! Our student travel agent from Backpacker World Travel! Wherever and whatever you want to go and do, Joe is your man. He will help you get there and at the cheapest price he can find as well.


What do you love most about traveling?

581089_10151184382927292_1900392799_nI don’t think there is one thing I love most about the travelling. The whole experience and memories you take away from seeing, smelling, tasting different cultures that are so different to your own is eye opening. Learning so much about a country you had no idea about when you landed, meeting amazing people who share incredible stories, give you tips and aid you on your journey, from the things that take your breath away to others that make you smile. Broadening your mind is something you can’t put a price on as travelling is the only thing that you can buy which makes you richer.

What is your favorite trip/place in Australia?

Fraser Island, The Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef were all such special trips for me in completely different ways and they would all be in my top 3 places making it impossible to choose just one. The Whitsundays are absolutely stunning, world class beaches, unbelievable sunsets and living on a sailing boat for 2 days is something only a handful of people can say they’ve enjoyed. Fraser Island was all about the adventure, being in the car and exploring this huge island is something I’ll never forget and the Great Barrier Reef speaks for itself, to see the difference between the world below and the world above the water with coral growing over billions of years with colours and patterns so different to anything we see on land is pretty special.

What do you enjoy most about Byron Bay?

10448727_10152630849302292_4521840715836819765_oIt’s the first time in my life that I’ve lived by the beach and experiencing and adapting to this kind of beach life culture has been interesting. I love the individuality of Byron Bay, how you can be yourself and express your own personality however which way you like and the people embrace it here, the art and music on the street combined with the distinctly local business and not allowing many major corporations to come in and take over shows the strength and community this town has built up over many years. Byron bay is only a small town yet almost every backpacker will come and see it, which just goes to show how special and unique it actually is and how lucky we get to call this place home (even if it is only for a small while)

What was your favorite childhood activity?

Rugby. I played rugby for around 12 years taking it to university. I have always loved football and followed my favourite team (Liverpool) ever since I was a little kid, but playing rugby twice a week for so many years would count as my favourite childhood activity.

What’s the one thing you want to do/see that you haven’t yet?

Any country that hasn’t been stamped in my passport yet.

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