Graduation 20.2.15

Today we had eight students graduating. Tatjana, Miyori, Andre, Mia, Katharina, Miguel, Jana, and Jan.

photo 4Tatjana from Switzerland was here for 5 weeks. Her teacher said she was a lovely student.

photo 2Andre from Brazil was here for 6 weeks. His teachers spoke very highly of him and said he is very intelligent and asks very good questions all the time. Andre said thank you to all of his teachers and said thanks to all his classmates.

photo 3Katharina from Germany was with us for 4 weeks. She is leaving to visit her son. Her teachers thought very highly of her and she’s funny. Katharina said thank you for teaching me and that she enjoyed all of her lessons and liked the open mindedness of the classes and that her classmates were very inspiring.

Jana from the Czech Republic was with us for 12 weeks. She has a very high level of English and was a great student and even ended with a 100%on her last listening test. She leaves to go travelling for a month before heading home.

photo 1Jan for Switzerland was here for 12 weeks also. He did very well and his teacher said he had a dry sense of humor like an Aussie. He said he had an amazing time and will go travelling for the next 3 months.

photo 5Mia was with us for 6 months and is from Korea. Her teacher said she was very clever and intelligent and very lovely.

Miguel and Miyori are also leaving us but weren’t with us today during Graduation.

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