Graduation 6/2/15

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Today we had 13 Students graduating from all different levels today.

From Elementary we had Patrick graduate from Switzerland who will be continuing his English schooling in Noosa!

In Pre Intermediate we had Lisa, Elisa, and Adrien. Both Lisa and Elisa are from Switzerland and Adrien is from France. Lisa was quite the hard worker and improved a lot and thanked her teachers and the other students for helping improve her English. Elisa was a gentle and quiet natured person with a good sense of humor said her teacher and her English improved quite a bit as well. Adrien, when he was seen in class, was very enthusiastic and had great English skills. His teacher said he’snot a morning person!

In Intermediate we had Justin, Andreas, and Matthias from Switzerland and Cecile from New Caledonia. Matthias worked hard and asked a lot of questions and will go travelling for four weeks.Cecile blew her teacher away with how well she did and how hard she worked. Andreas and Justin thanked every one for their time her.

Last but not least in Upper-Intermediate we had Christian, Tamara,and Nora from Switzerland, Nadine from Germany, and Juliana from Brazil. Christian advanced over his few months with us up from pre-intermediate and believes he has achieved many of his English speaking goals. Tamara learned English from her Grandma at a young age and came to us at a high level already and graduated at an advanced level. Nora was quite the talker which helped her English improve a lot as well. Nadine was an excellent student and learned a lot and always did extra work.

Juliana was with us for 18 weeks and was a wonderful student. She thanked her classmates for all the conversations with them about their countries and their history that truly helped her English get better. She will be back with us in a month or so to do the Cambridge course.

Sad to see everyone go but glad they all enjoyed their time here and will be enjoying their English skills.

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