Graduation 30.1.15

Today we had quite a few students graduating. We had a  total of 11 students graduating.

A few of them sadly missed the Graduation process and left us earlier this week. Those students included Anna from Brazil,Matheus from Brazil, Sae from Japan, and Adriana from Brazil.

First to graduate to was a group of three from Josie’s class. Jeannine, Sullivan and Vitus. Their teacher said they were a pleasure to have in class and part of such a fun group of students. And all got great marks. During their farewell they said thank you to all their friends and classmates and teachers. They will all continue on their travels and adventures around Australia and other places.

photo 21

photo 31Next we had Jeremy graduate. He is the ping pong king they say, winning our tournaments on multiple occasions. Jeremy will be heading back home to Switzerland. He thanked all his teachers for the amazing experience


photo 5Norie from Japan was next to graduate. Her teacher said that she had perfect grammar and a very confident speaker. Norie said she enjoyed her time here and that she hopes to see everyone again soon!

photo 2Denise was already a pretty good English speaker but was able to get even better in her short three weeks here with us. She is leaving the school and heading to a week long surf camp!

photo 4Next was Michael or as many of you know him as Siggy. His teacher said he was a pleasure to have in class and a fun person. Siggy said he enjoyed his time here in Byron and is going to start travelling and is really looking forward to it.

photo 3Last but not least we have Mario from Switzerland. His teacher said he was a brilliant student and very hard working. He would always ask questions and help other students. Mario said he had a good time in Byron and there were great teachers. Mario is now going to start travelling.

Good luck to all our graduating students with their travels and adventures!

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