Meet the Staff – Claudia

Claudia is one of our longest standing and most popular teachers and also regularly works as Acting Director of Studies/Campus Manager while Lisa is away. She has been living in Australia for 11 years and came to us from Germany. Meet CLAUDIA everyone!

photo 1Why did you choose teaching?

I’ve always been interested in languages. When I was younger I spent a year in Los Angeles at High School, lived in Europe and traveled a lot. Teaching to me seemed to be the perfect choice to combine my interest in languages, meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and having a job where I can actually make a difference in people’s lives.

What is Byron’s best kept secret?

There are too many to mention them all! But make sure not to forget to visit all the awesome little towns in the Byron Shire. Especially Mullumbimby! And watch the sunset from the lighthouse! It’s a simply stunning experience that you will never forget again!

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Meeting all these awesome people from all over the world! I love travelling, speak four languages myself and having lots of interesting conversations with my students just makes teaching fun!

What is your dream holiday?

Travelling around the world with my family! Visiting lots of different countries, trying local food, experiencing different cultures and preferably having all the time and money in the world to do this. J I love showing the world to my children and try to make sure we travel as much as possible!

 What is your favorite part about Byron Bay?

 Well, I guess there is so much I love about Byron that I cannot put it down to one thing. I’d say maybe the atmosphere if I have to pick one thing. People are easy-going, relaxed, friendly and conscious. I love that people have an awareness of the world around them and live life to the fullest!

What is your top tip for learning English?

Be confident, have a positive attitude, socialize with and talk to locals. Immersing yourself in the language is the best way to even start dreaming in English soon!!

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