Graduation Day 23.1.15

Today at Graduation we had six students graduating and leaving us here at Lexis Byron Bay.We wish them all the best for where ever they go next and that their English continues to improve.

photo 2Guilherme Carvalho e Sousa – Comes to Byron from Brazil and has been with us for two weeks but now is heading back home to Brazil. His teacher said that he is a very high achiever and very talkative. Guilherme even mentioned he might be returning to us next January. Good Luck and safe travels home.

photo 11

Markus Angehrn– Is from Switzerland and has been with us for six weeks now. He will be volunteering on an organic farm for four weeks before heading home. His teacher said he was quiet and when he did speak up he was always correct. Markus said that Kathleen always had interesting lessons and was always so happy!

photo 1Katharina Royer– Also come to us from Switzerland and has been here with us for three weeks as well. Nextshe plans to head to Sydney but then to Fiji and New Zealand. Her teacher said that she was a pleasure to have in class and always so funny. Katharina said her teachers were wonderful and that she learned so much here in such a short time and was very excited about that.

photo1 3

Florian Riguad– Is from New Caledonia and was also with us for only three weeks. Florian started out quiet and a bit shy but as time went on he came out of his shell. His teacher said he did a wonderful dance to Bob Marley. Florian said good luck to every one and that Byron Bay has been fun and interesting.

photo 4

Alicia Dvernay– Another one of our students from Switzerland and was also with us for three weeks. She is now leaving to start travelling. Her teacher said that she was a brilliant student and would always be so fast when finishing activities. Alicia said thank you to every one and especially her teacher Marie who was very passionate and helpful.

photo 12Nao Nishida– Came to Byron from Japan and was with us for two weeks and is now heading to Noosa to continue his studies. He started quite shy and quiet and started to open up and become more talkative after the two weeks. He was also an excellent student.

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