Graduation Day!!!

Today we said farewell to 3 of our students who graduated this week. One from Korea and two from Japan.

photo 3

photo 5First to graduate today was Ayaka Ichishima from Japan who was in the Intermediate class. Her teacher said she was a pleasure to have in class and speaks pretty well. Ayaka thanked everyone for her time here and all the help speaking English.

photo 1Changgon Mun from Korea was next up at Graduatuion. Also from the Intermediate classclass. His teacher said he was so funny and humorous and great to have around. Changgon kept it fairly short with a simple “Thank You, Good Bye!”

photo 2Last but not least Shizuya Morishita from Japan graduated from the Pre-Intermediate class. His teacher commented on how great of a speaker he is and how he got very good marks. Shizuya said a very kind and touching speech and gave everyone a nice good bye.

 Congratulations to all of you and hopefully you continue to use and practice your awesome English skills. photo 4

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