Lexis Byron Bay Film Festival 2014

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On Christmas Eve at 1pm all of Lexis Byron Bay gathered in the student lounge for the inaugural Lexis Byron Bay Film Festival.

There were five entries; one each from Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Refreshments (chips, dips, tim-tams and fruit) were served while these were shown at random to the excited crowd.

Film Festival collage

Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class presented their own video accompaniment to “Happy” by Pharell Williams. It was a great start to the festival; excellent soundtrack, editing and visuals plus some wonderful dancing from Byron locals and visitors, teacher Claudia and the Upper Intermediate students themselves. You can view the whole film here:


The movie from Marie’s Elementary class “Becoming Byron” featured Miguel Algusto Sabino De Freitas as a stressed out corporate executive who learns to relax and embrace life when he leaves his job and comes to Byron. Great story, great acting, great soundtrack.


Sammy’s Intermediate class went in another direction entirely. They showed a Vox Populi of Byron locals discussing their views on immigration. This film was really well edited and included a fun out-takes section at the end. Very professional.


The two winning films were from the Kathleen’s Pre-Intermediate class and Julia’s Advanced class.

tree 3The Pre-Ints film “Surfing in Byron Bay” starts calmly enough with some beautiful shots from the water but then had the audience roaring with laughter with parodies of both Jaws and Baywatch. Very clever and a well-deserving winner of Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack.


It was Julia’s Advanced class that won overall Best Film though. Their movie showed two “English Misunderstandings” that Spaniard Cristina Alonso Serrano had when she first arrived in Byron Bay last year. This is extremely funny and Cristina also won the Best Actor award for her re-enactment of these. Be warned though, the misunderstandings are of an adult nature so this film isn’t suitable for anyone under 18.


While we were counting the votes, students and staff received their Secret (or in some cases not so secret) Santa presents. Thanks to Lisa Martignoni for my little model dog! :).

Then all the winner received priceless certificates and welcome six packs of beer for their efforts.tree2

All in all the inaugural Lexis Byron Bay Film Festival was a great success and already the teachers are planning how their class can win next year. Enjoy the holidays everybody.

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