Graduation 24/12/14

We had a big graduation this week as students leave Lexis to go on Christmas travels or look for work. Plus, one very special graduation of a student who first started at Lexis Byron Bay over one year ago.

First up was Claudia’s Upper Intermediate class from which two students were graduating: Nico from Switzerland, who isn’t really leaving but joining our January FCE class, and Juliette from Belgium who has been studying at Lexis for the past 15 weeks.

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Nico said that he is having an amazing time in Byron Bay and thanked all his fabulous teachers, while Juliette gave a lovely speech saying that her time in Byron Bay has been like a dream that she now has to wake up from. She thanked Claudia and said she had thought she was serious at first but actually she was really funny.

We also said goodbye to three girls who, as teacher Kathleen put it, have been practising outside class this last week. Yuka from Japan, graduated from Elementary after 11 weeks, Sohyun (Korea) from Pre-Intermediate after 12 weeks and Riko (Japan) from Intermediate after 16 weeks. All three girls are now living in the on-site accommodation and really enjoying the experience.

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The Intermediate class also said goodbye to Conce (Switzerland) and Mirco (Italy). Teacher Sammy praised both students for their enthusiasm and intelligent questions and he said how much he would miss them both. Mirco, who was described as a lovely human being, is now looking for a job if anyone can help him!

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Another lovely Italian saying goodbye this week was Daniel, who graduation from Pre-Intermediate (Grade A) after 6 weeks with Lexis. His teacher said that Daniel always had great intentions of working hard but was easily distracted. Daniel is now going to Bundaburg to work on  a farm but hopes to come back to Lexis Byron Bay to study IELTS.

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And finally, sadly, after 36 weeks starting last August we are all going to miss the lovely Cristina from Spain. Cristina started at Lexis in Pre-Intermediate, she then progressed through the levels and an FCE course to finish in Advanced. Not only has she been an amazIng student, she has touched the hearts of everyone who works at Lexis.

In her speech, she gave some advice to all the students, based on what she had learned during her time in Byron Bay. She said that the most important thing is to speak English all of the time. Not just in class. She told us that she watched the new students who came and those that tried to speak in English even when they weren’t being watched, were the ones who made friends from all over the world and had the best experience here. Indeed, she said that now she has friends to visit in every corner of the globe.

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Cristina, we will miss you so much. Good luck to everyone who leaves today. Have safe travels and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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