It’s the moment Lexis Byron Bay has been waiting for all year….. the Lexis Byron Bay Film Festival!!! Next Wednesday all classes will be showcasing their films.

Jaws Spielberg water 2 - Copy

The films can be about absolutely anything and teachers will be taking the students out on excursions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to gather inspiration and footage for their films.

Our technologically-advanced students will then edit the films into art for the whole school to watch and judge on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Best Film
Best Actor
Best Soundtrack
Best Cinematography

leo and beach 2 - CopyHere are some tips and guidelines:

  1. You do not need to have dialogue! You will be practicing English just by creating and making the film so you can experiment with songs and sound effects instead if yo want to.
  1. Keep the idea simple so it’s easy to follow and don’t make the film too long. A short simple idea done well always works best.
  1. You film doesn’t have to be a story. It could be an interview, a series of vox pop, a series of still photographs, even an animation.
  1. You might like to download Windows Movie Maker to edit your film. You can do this from

After the Film Festival we’ll be having a Christmas party where you can talk about the films you watched and relax with fellow students before the holidays.

Need some inspiration? Check out the photos above andbelow (yes that is Leonardo Di Caprio filming on The Beach and Steven Spielberg filming Jaws =D)

filming surfing - Copy

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