Graduation 12/12/14

It was a rather large and very sad graduation as we said goodbye to seven students:

First up was Belgian Bianca Hugot, who graduated from Upper Intermediate. She had written a lovely speech individually thanking all the people that had made her time at Lexis special. I know you have made amazing friendships with lots of people and you will really be missed.

photo 1

Next we said goodbye to Reto Glur from Intermediate, and Stefan Odermatt and Severin Schirmer from Pre-Intermediate. Reto gave a lovely speech in very accurate English. Stefan praised his teacher Kathleen and all the Lexis staff for their help. Kathleen commented that Stefan had had some wonderfully authentic English language practice dealing with all the paperwork for his new camper van and that Severin had certainly learnt about the dangers of the Australia sun but never lost his sense of humour.

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Next up, we said a fond farewell to two students from our IELTS class; the lovely Haejung Choi from Korean and Mariana Maciel de Albuquque from Brazil. Haejung has studied at Lexis for six months in total and he really loved his IELTS class even though his teacher commented that sometimes he would just disappear in the middle of a lesson!

Mariana is sitting her IELTS exam on Saturday and is sure to do really well. She said that Lexis Byron Bay was a special place – like a family –  and she was grateful for the help she had received, the people she had met and the way her English has improved.

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And last but not least, Toby Kobel from Elementary said farewell. His teacher, Marie, told us how his English had improved so much that he could now argue in English and that he had spent all morning arguing with her that kebabs originated in Germany!

photo 3

We will miss all of you very special people. You are all the students make Lexis Byron Bay such a lovely place to be. Goodbye and good luck.

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