Welcome to our new starters at Lexis!


We have four new students starting today in Byron!

Hong is from South Korea. He wants to study English to further his career back home. He is determined to make friends from all over the world to practise his English with – he doesn’t want to speak any Korean while he is in Australia!

Miguel is from Brazil. He studied Mining and Engineering at university and needs to study English in depth to get ahead in his line of work. He just got his new bike and is very excited to go and explore:


Brisa, from Brazil, will be with us for 3 months here in Byron. She wanted to come to a small town, away from the big cities that most students go to.

Adrien is from Corsica, France. He will be studying here for 2 months and then has 3 extra months to decide whether to stay and work in Byron or go travelling around Australia.

Welcome to Byron!!

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