Bush walks and the Byron lighthouse

Yesterday after class  a small group of Lexis students jumped into the Lexis car and drove to the beach. Once we arrived we parked the car and began a coastal walk from Captain Cook lookout up to the Byron lighthouse.

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The walk ascends up a path of stairs that winds through stunning coastal and tropical bushland. We were lucky enough to see huge butterflies, lizards and some colourful birds as we walked.

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At the top, the walk opens up to stunning views of Tallows beach, a great spot for surfers and people looking for a quieter beach (with bigger waves) as compared to the beaches in the bay.

A hang glider platform sits a top the hills and makes or a beautiful look out where we took in the scenery and energy of cape Byron.

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From there we walked to the lighthouse and took in the views from the most easterly point of Australia. We even saw a sea turtle playing in the water below!

The lighthouse is a great spot to understand the layout of Byron bay and how the town and surrounding areas are positioned. This is because you can see so many various locations from the top of cape Byron.

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It was a beautiful and fun experience for all of us – the natural environment of Byron is some of the most stunning in Australia and we all agreed that we felt lucky to be here in this place.

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