Brazillian baking brigadeiro and beijinho (little kisses)

Yesterday after class we got together and set up a mini kitchen on a table in the student lounge!


We then all watched on as we were taught  how to make two classic Brazillian sweets, brigadeiro and beijinho (which translates as little kisses).


We learned the recipe, which consists of sweetened condensed milk, drinking chocolate, butter for the brigadeiro,  and coconut, sweetened condensed milk and butter for the bejinho.


Our Brazillian chefs showed us how to heat up the mixture, which then was cooled. While we waited for the mixture to cool down we chatted about different sweets from different countries.

Our chefs also explained numerous things that Brazil is famous for, such as Rio Carnival, dancing, partying and Samba and we listened to Samba  music as we cooked.

IMG_5561   IMG_5560

After a while we took the cooking mixture and rolled it into small balls covered in choc sprinkles or coconut.

 IMG_5562 IMG_5563

IMG_5564 IMG_5565

As expected, brigaeiro and beijinho are very very sweet and delicious! We shared them around amongst the group and the chefs ensured some were saved for the Lexis staff.


Thanks to the chefs for sharing the recipes and all the information about Brazil!

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