Coffee, chats and laughs at Lexis coffee club

This afternoon in the student lounge a group of Lexis people sat down to chai lattes, cappuccinos and Tim-Tams to get to know each other a little better.

 IMG_5364  Enjoying lattes and cappuccinos

We pulled up a big line of tables and everyone introduced themselves, telling the group something interesting or surprising about themselves. There were lots of laughs and some deep philosophical conversations which came out of these introductions!  For example, a discussion about whether animals have intelligence and consciousness. 


And then there was some silliness too…

We also had a special visitor! My sister, Penny, who has just arrived back in Australia after travelling Europe for five months. This made for interesting conversation with some of our European students. They discussed the different European places they had been and travelled to and the different opinions of these places and cultures.    


Sharing stories, ideas and learning more about each other is a great way to practice the English language, and deepen our awareness of others. Coffee club at Lexis Byron is a great place for this to happen!

Fun times 🙂

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