Friday beach Frizbee!


Ultimate Frizbee on the beach was a good kick off to the weekend! Ultimate Frizbee is a competitive game, kind of like soccer, but with a frizbee off the ground, rather than a soccer ball on the ground.


Two teams battled against each other to score goals with the frizbee. The wind made it a challenging game as it often changed the course of the frizbee and took it far far up and away in the wrong direction.


However, the teams managed to get used to it, throwing short and low. As usual, there were a host of Lexis students sun bathing, relaxing on the beach and swimming near by, watching and cheering on the other frizbee players.


It was also a time for beach swims, fun and relaxing in the ocean. Byron bay Main Beach beach is a regular hang out spot for Lexis students and it is easy to see why.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Australia.


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