Westies meet in the East

Former Lexis English Perth teacher, Sam Vanderford, and former Lexis English Perth student, Melissa Drouin, were reunited in a Byron Bay caravan park last week. Melissa, who has been travelling around Australia for the past 2 years, said that when she pulled up next to Sam’s caravan she wasn’t sure if she recognised her- but then she heard Sam’s voice and instantly knew it was her old Elementary teacher. Sam, who is currently teaching at Lexis English Byron Bay, invited Melissa to come speak to the Elementary class and share all of her adventures. The students were inspired by Melissa’s stories and motivated by the improvement in her English!

It’s so great when students come back to Lexis and share their adventures and stories with students and teachers- and it’s so exciting when teachers and students meet somewhere unexpected!

Sams visitor

Here’s a photo of the Lexis English Byron Bay students with their new friend from the West, Melissa (pictured at front) and their teacher, Sam, from the West (pictured at center towards back).

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