coffee and chats in the student lounge


After class today a big group of Lexis students decided to chill out in the student lounge and catch up, chat and share in some conversation. We ate tim-tams and drank coffees, chatting and laughing as everyone shared their insights about some of the strange, fascinating, odd, unusual and surprising things they perceived in Australian culture when they first arrived. As an Australian, it was hilarious and insightful for me to hear some of these observations.

On arrival in Byron bay one student said he had been so surprised to see Aussies walking around with no shoes or tops on, something that would never happen in his country. Other students said they were surprised by the relaxed lifestyle of families here. Many shared the same experience of becoming familiar with crossing the road in a country where cars drive on the left hand side of the road. There were lots of laughs and funny stories told.

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A great thing about spending time attending an English Language school is learning about and from one another.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences guys!

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