Graduation 24/10/14

It was a busy and emotional graduation ceremony this week as we said goodbye to seven awesome students; Daniela Baertschi, Hanna Bae, Daniela Egli, Fanny Caristan, Anja, Groeber, Stefan G and Felix Bissinger.


Daniela Baertschi (pictured above) graduated from Intermediate after a month at Lexis. She thanked everyone for a great time and is now looking forward to travelling in Australia before heading back to Switzerland.

Anja Groeber (not pictured) is also planning to go travelling. When she left Switzerland she had decided on two months of study followed by two months of travel. Her teacher Paul described her as always happy and she told the FCE class to keep smiling throughout their exams!


Hanna Bae (pictured aboved) from Korea has been studying at Lexis English since June. She started in Pre-Intermediate and finishes as a good Upper Intermediate student. She told us she had forgotten to bring her graduation speech but wanted to thank the guys in the student house for an unforgettable birthday party and also to remind everyone that times goes fast so to make the most of every day here. She will spend 10 more days in Byron Bay before heading back to Korea.


Daniela Egli (pictured above) was described by her teacher as an almost perfect student, even though she lacked confidence at first. Daniela thanked everyone for being so nice and said she had an amazing time. She is now planning to travel around Australia in a camper van with her sister.


Lovely Fanny (above) invited us all to stay with her in Paris! She graduates from Pre-Intermediate, where she has kept people happy with her beautiful laugh and is now looking for a job.

Felix Bissinger, (not pictured) also graduated today, although not from class but from his “Teacher Homestay” programme. He has been studying at home with Anji our teacher, and in four weeks completed the entire Pre-Intermediate book. Well done Felix.


Finally, we say goodbye to Stefan G a very talented, multi-lingual young man who has been studying with our Advanced class. Julia, his teacher, praised his fabulous attitude and great questions. Stefan is going to stay in Byron Bay for two weeks and then travel for four months in South East Asia. He told us that his five weeks here felt like one day!

It always does go really fast and it seems like students we were welcoming yesterday are graduating today. We wish all of you the very best in your future travels and lives. Stay in touch and say hi on Facebook sometimes.

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