CAE class at the Byron Bay Farmers’ Market

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Yesterday the CAE class went to the Byron Bay Farmers’ Market, which is located behind the railway tracks. Even though the sun was hiding behind the clouds, it was a perfect morning to discover the market. The purpose of this excursion was to get information for our writing task.

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The market, which is quite big and amazing, started 11 years ago. You can find a lot of local produce such as fruit and vegetables, oysters, fresh bread and so on.


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There were also different attractions for children like face-painting and a clown creating fancy balloons. It’s a great place to talk with people and listen to live music while drinking a coffee. The musicians played folk and singer-songwriter songs. Two Swedish buskers were playing Johnny Cash songs as well.

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 It was a family friendly and lively atmosphere and we had a great time together.


(This blog post was written by the CAE class. Thanks for sharing your experience guys! Below is a picture of the class writing it together once they returned from the market.)


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