Coffee and Tim-Tams in the Byron sunshine.

coffee and tim tams

Aya: coffee and Tim-Tams time!

Coffee has become a big part of Aussie culture over the last decade. Lots of us rely on it to get the day started. It’s also a social thing for lots of people- friends meet over coffee and chat, catch up and spend time over a cup. After class on Tuesday a group of us spent some time in the sunshine sipping cappuccinos and eating Tim-Tams! Fanny, Naoko, Aurelie, Manon, Niko, Ayaka, Aya all shared stories about themselves and where they come from. We found out that Niko loves to snowboard, that three languages are spoken in Belgium and that Naoko was living in a Home-stay with a Byron Bay couple who have a very handsome son! It was a nice chance to spend some time and get to know each other more.

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