Friday afternoon activity: Quiz Time!

A group of students relaxed in the sun this afternoon and took part in a quiz. We had three teams named: ‘Team Asia’, ‘The Winners’, and ‘Neymar’ (named after, you guessed it: the Brazilian soccer player). The students were quizzed about international countries and geography. There was a real show of knowledge and pretty much every student answered at least one question. ‘Team Asia’ were winning at the start but ‘Neymar’ picked up their game and soon took the lead. ‘Neymar’ ended up winning – by just ONE point!


Team ‘Neymar’ with their prizes!


‘The Winners’ came in at third place, close behind Team Asia who took out second place. Good efforts to those who got involved – it was a great chance to chat, hang out and the winning teams even shared their prizes of beer and chocolate with everyone afterwards (Thanks guys- I enjoyed that!) The winning team, Neymar, also got tickets to go on the famous Nimbin Bus Tour.

photo2     Fun times for a Friday afternoon! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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