The best age to study in Byron Bay!

It’s seems that Byron Bay is the perfect place to study English at any age. Below some of our current Lexis students explain why.

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Twentysomething Ivana Coscarella (Italy)

Who needs the city when there’s so much to do here? I love discovering and visiting Byron. I’ve been to the rainforest and waterfalls and I’ve been scuba diving and kayaking. I’ve seen dolphins and whales. I love drinking with my friends, especially on the beach, but also when trying all the different pubs and restaurants. The Happy Hour cocktails at the Balcony are very good and the atmosphere makes me happy. I want to visit the Treehouse next because it sounds amazing!

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Fortysomething Pascal Wigger (Switzerland)

I came here to improve my English but also to have some time out from the “real world”. Byron Bay is perfect. There’s lots to do but not the drunkenness and partying of the Gold Coast. Obviously the beach is beautiful and, now I’ve hired a car, I also enjoy visiting places around Byron Bay: Mullumbimby, Nimbin, Minyon Falls etc. In the evenings sometimes I drive into the CBD and sometimes I just enjoy eating and chatting with my host family.

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Fiftysomething: Kim Lin Dao (Vietnam)

The weather is perfect for me. It’s not too hot or too cold. Also, I’m very quiet so I like it that all the people here are so friendly. Everyone is happy and says hi to me all the time. I like going to the Byron Markets on a Sunday and the Farmers’ Market on Thursdays. I also go to the Golf Club with my husband where we watch live music and enjoy drinks.


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