Brazilian Cooking at Lexis Byron Bay!

One Brazilian word: BRIGADEIRO One English word: DELICIOUS! 

Some of our talented Brazilian students were excited to teach the rest of us how to make a very simple but delicious Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro after class yesterday. 

Meet our enthusiastic Brazilian chefs:

 Brazilian cooking 2

These guys talked us through the steps of making Brigadeiro, while other students watched on – some even taking notes.

Brazilian cooking 5

Very quickly we had other students getting involved and trying their hand at the cooking process.

         Brazlian cooking 1      Brazilian cooking 3

 And after lots of stirring of what looked like chocolate soup, the Brigadeiro mixture was ready! Rather than wait for the mixture to cool down so that we could shape the mixture into small individual chocolate balls, we decided to eat the mixture straight away. The chefs informed us that this is sometimes what friends do together in Brazil- make the mixture and then simply take spoons and eat together, laughing and sharing. Which was what we did too! Even though we burnt a bowl full of mixture, everyone got to try the delicious treats. Thanks for sharing the recipe Mariana and all our other Brazilian friends who helped and educated us about the joys of Brigadeiro!

Brazilian cooking 4  

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