New Starters (and a few returners) 8/9/14

Yesterday was definitely the start of Lexis Byron Bay’s summer season. We had 8 new starters in GE; pictured below from left to right are Riko (Japan), Flavio (Italy) Ayako (Japan) Francisco (Spain) Priscilla (Brazil) Shoto (Japan) and Dorian from Switzerland.




We also welcomed (or welcomed back) our FCE starters: Ash, Laryssa, Charlene, Moja, Julien, Melanie, Marvin, Urs, Sylvan, Cristina, Andrea, Olivier, Bianca and Anja.

photo 2


And our lovely new CAE class: Norma, Delia, Mara, Romina, Martina, Joyce, Katya, Gabriel, Dorian, Mariana and Romy.

photo 1


I hope you all have a wonderful summer here at Lexis Byron Bay, that you achieve your study goals and that you also manage to enjoy some sun, surf and good old fashioned socialising at the same time.

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