French Cooking Workshop at Lexis English | Byron Bay!

French cooking workshop


This afternoon we had a French cooking workshop down in the student lounge – where we made a delicious and hearty French onion soup – perfect for a winter’s day!

We took a few shortcuts with the recipe, but it still tasted amazing! Jun and Sanae from Japan and Laryssa from Brazil helped my chop a huge bag of onions, which we sauteed in plenty of butter until they were soft. Then, we added brown sugar and Jun (who is a trainee chef!) caramelised the onions. We added flour, beef stock and lots of pepper; and simmered the soup in the pan.

As if that weren’t scrumptious enough, we sprayed fresh bread with olive oil spray, rubbed it with a halved clove of garlic, and sprinkled it with cheese before blasting it in the microwave for some tasty melted cheese bread to go with our soup.

See this link for the recipe!

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