Graduation at Lexis English | Byron Bay! 25th July 2014

fabiana and micha gradToday we had a very sad graduation ceremony! Micha is leaving after four weeks of studying here – he will be here for an extra week so be prepared to party with him before he goes! He praised the teachers for their enthusiasm, dedication and sense of fun; and also spoke about how much he enjoyed staying in the student house.

And – after six months at Lexis | Byron Bay – Fabiana is leaving us! Fabiana has been the life and soul of Lexis since she has been here – she has been such a vivacious, chatty and uplifting character to have around! We will all really miss her! She will head to Fiji, before returning to travel some of Australia in a van and then going to Bali! She is hoping to also travel South East Asia, Sri Lanka and South Africa before returning home to Brazil. What an adventure! It was an emotional speech from Fabiana, who told us that teacher Julia holds a special place in her heart similar to that of her first ever teacher! She made a beautiful speech and we all blubbed like babies.

Good luck Micha and Fabiana!!


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