Welcome to our New Starters 7/7/14

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Today we welcome five new students; Ludovic, Ulysse and Gregoire from France, Natusko from Japan and Jasmin (not pictured) from Switzerland.

15 year olds Ulysse and Gregoire are here on our Teen Activity Programme, studying English for 3 hours in the morning and surfing all afternoon. They are both already competent surfers, having met on a surfing holiday in the south of France earlier this year. Gregoire has actually studied at Lexis before. He was at Noosa for four weeks in 2013 and had such a great time that he’s staying in Byron for five weeks this year.

19 year old Ludovic is also from France and also a keen surfer. He has been studying at Lexis Brisbane for the past 2 weeks and is now looking forward to being in a small town with great waves. All three of them will be hitting the water this afternoon.

Natsuko is a pharmacist in Japan. Her hobby is travelling but she told me that, while she has been to many countries, she couldn’t understand what people said because she couldn’t speak English. So now she has come here to change that. She has a cousin in Melbourne but decided to study in Byron Bay because the weather’s much better here and there are fewer Japanese students.

Jasmin is currently on her way to Byron Bay, as she only landed in Brisbane this morning. We look forward to meeting her later today. She will be staying in the student house and studying with us part-time for two weeks.

Welcome guys. We hope you all have a wonderful time here in Byron Bay.

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