Free Activities in July


This July is a great time to visit Byron Bay. It’s quieter, so you can get the best spots on the beach, the whales are out and about, and the Lexis Activity Programme is bigger and better than ever.

This month, in addition to the usual favourites such as BBQ, Yoga, Table Tennis and Movie Screening, we’ve introduced some fantastic new events.

The first of these is the Big Prize Trivia Quiz next Friday (4 July). You’ll need to get yourselves into teams of three or four to answer 10 questions each on Science, Geography, Sports and Music. The team with the most points at the end of all four rounds will win the big prize (to be announced). Plus there will be smaller prizes for individual rounds and bonus questions. Unmissable!!!

Then, on Monday 7 July we have an evening activity; a chance for you to view Australia’s Sky at Night through a powerful telescope, and learn about the stars. If you come from north of the equator, you’ll see that everything is completely different down under. (Please note: You need to sign up in Reception for this activity.)

If you enjoyed June’s Travel Talk with Pierre about Darwin, you’ll be excited to know that he’ll be presenting another one this month; this time about Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.  For most visitors to Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is an absolute must – now you can find out how to get the most out of this amazing part of the world.

We have lots to offer the serious student of English this month too; including a regular Grammar Workshop each Thursday, Coffee Lounge every second Tuesday and, back by popular demand, two of Paul’s extremely useful Pronunciation Workshops. You can also test both your vocabulary and your drawing skills at the Pictionary Tournament on 22 July!!!

Finally, if food and drink are your thing, we have some excellent activities for you. On Wednesday 2 July, Yvonne will show you how to make your very own authentic Swiss Fondue, and there’ll be plenty of time to sit around the table afterwards and chat while you polish it off. Then, on 23 July, Amy will be the chef, making Raw Chocolate Cupcakes for you to enjoy without feeling guilty. And, later that week, after last month’s very popular beer-tasting activity, she’ll also be taking you through the basics of Wine-Tasting

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