Living and working in Byron Bay: GP!



GP is one of our most sociable, enthusiastic and proactive students! From organising study groups to looking for people to make up a basketball team; learning Spanish as well as English to treading the streets of Byron handing out CV after CV – GP never gives up and always gives it his all.

We chatted to him about working in Byron Bay and how he found his many jobs!

“After I graduated I worked as a cleaner in Woolworths – it was midnight until 7am and it was a really hard time for me, as I was also preparing for my IELTS exam at the same time. I realised that I had no leisure time and no days off – so I decided that I wanted  to change my job to something in the daytime.

I got a job at the Cardamom Pod as a dishwasher – I started with two shifts and now I have six or seven – and I also introduced another person to my manager for a job. I went to my first Australian party, it wasn’t too crazy – just some music and beer!

I also saw some guys cleaning one morning near Woolworths, they had a 6am until 8am shift – so I asked how they got their cleaning work. One of the guys was going to Melbourne for work so I took his job. It is seven days a week and is good money!

I then found another cleaning job in the newspaper – I am working with a Brazilian girl who lives at South Golden Beach. She has two children and is a very strong woman. We work near Aldi and she looks after me.

Amy at Lexis corrected my CV for me and it helped for sure. There was some fundamental things like putting on a reference, and Amy was my first reference.

“My advice to any students looking for work in Byron Bay is that if you get help from another person, then make sure that you don’t forget the help, and help another person too – the community going around will make you lucky. The reason I got the job at the Cardamom Pod is that I was helping someone that worked there with her homework. I also cover shifts even if it means I am working day and night. And Keep Trying!

I want to get some certificates from the community centre – like RSA, cookery and barista to help me get a better job. When I am working at the Cardamom Pod I can communicate in English and the certificates will help me to get a job somewhere where I can speak with other people in English, and also make more money!

“My favourite thing about being in Byron Bay is that I have changed. When I was at uni there were lots of policies and I walked the way that other people would usually go. Now I make my own way, and make my own decisions.

At university there was just one answer, and now here in Byron there are lots of choices. For example, today I had a Spanish lesson in the library – it was great! I feel really enthusiastic, there are no limitations.”

Thanks GP! I think we can all learn a lot from your life lessons, as well as your hard work and perseverance!

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