Meet the Staff: Kathleen!



Meet Kathleen! Kathleen has been teaching our Pre-Intermediate class here at Lexis | Byron Bay, and has always been a hit with the students, who love her teaching styles and easy to understand explanations.

Here are some things that you might not know about our wonderful Kathleen!

Kathleen always wanted to be a teacher, philanthropist or beachbum. It looks like at least two out  of these have come true!

When asked, she says that Byron Bay’s best kept secret is The Rails Friendly Bar on a Sunday afternoon.

Her special tidbit for living in Byron is to learn the local lingo! She says that ‘Jingi Walla!’ means welcome in the indigenous Bundjalung language of Byron Bay.

At 8 am on a Saturday, you’ll find her at the gym – yeehah!! This applies to any day in fact – Kathleen is a real gym bunny!

Her dream holiday destination is South East Asia, particularly Laos and Cambodia. Long painful cycling trips really turn her on 🙂

And finally – her invaluable tips for learning the English language are:

– When you’re in Byron Bay, don’t miss school!

– Find funny/interesting ways to remember the grammar rules.



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