Congratulations to Brianna on achieving a Grade A at CPE

Congratulations to Brianni on achieving a Grade A at CPE

Last week Briänna Good was delighted to learn that she had got an A pass at CPE. An absolutely incredible result! I got in touch with her while she was on a tour of the outback to ask how she felt.

“I was extremely happy and almost couldn’t believe it!” she told me, “For me, the most difficult part was the Speaking Test but Ian helped by making us practise for it in situations where we were under a bit of pressure (for example in front of the class) in order to give us the chance to learn how to cope with the nervousness.

“I would definitely recommend other students to study in Byron Bay and to do the CPE exam! What I liked most about studying in Byron Bay was probably the spirit of Byron Bay itself. This friendly, laid-back attitude made me instantly feel at home.

“Then, while going to a language school abroad is already such a great experience by itself, the certificate will hopefully stand me in good stead in the future. The best advice you gave me was probably when you and Ian encouraged me to have a go at CPE instead of CAE (thank you so much for that!!).

“Overall, I met so many great people during my stay in Byron Bay and had an awesome time, so I would say to anyone that if you get the chance – do it!”

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